Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass enters second phase

Written 20th Jul 2019 by GameGator

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Teamfight Tactics (TfT) launched its first Beta pass on July 1st, 2019, allowing players to unlock rewards for League of Legends' Auto Battle Mode. The pass included not only stickers, battlegrounds, and icons, but also different skins for your hero. As the first Beta pass only had nine levels, Riot Games has now officially announced its end - the opportunity to win this season's rewards ends on July 29th, 17:59 CET and outstanding game scores and running matches will no longer be considered towards the first pass afterward.

Subsequently, Patch 9.16 will unlock the second Beta Pass - of course, prepped with new rewards. These will likely be pretty similar to that of the first but are meant to change more significantly in the future. Riot Games is enthusiastic about the passion and euphoria that players have shown during the launch of TfT so far. The developers, therefore, want to celebrate this by further giving away free rewards during the next Pass. However, the developers are still working on a progress system suitable for the long run, while also still collecting more user feedback on the game.

Teamfight Tactics character list
These are all the characters you can play in Teamfight Tactics so far.Image: Riot Games

What is Teamfight Tactics?

Since the release of the Dota 2 mod Auto Chess, the Auto-Battle genre has turned a lot of heads - resulting in Riot Games developing its game mode called Teamfight Tactics. Initially, it all started with a team of about 30 Riot employees being very enthusiastic about the game mode and implementing the project into the League of Legends client as a permanent mode. Even before its official launch, the game was dominating viewer numbers on the streaming platform Twitch, competing with other Auto-Battle genre rivals include Dota Underlords or Auto Chess - Valve and Epic Games also seem to have jumped on the new trend.

The goal in Teamfight Tactics is to build the best possible team of champions over several rounds and to strategically place them on your playing board. Your heroes then automatically fight against the enemy's side. You can only determine the outcome by your champion composition, line-up, and item selection. In between rounds, you can buy new champions and improve your team. The first rounds of the game are PvE battles against neutral enemies allowing you to collect gold and random items. The game then scatters more loot rounds against the AI at regular intervals, but you primarily have to fight against the teams of the other seven players. Each lost turn will cost you life points - the last player to finish wins.


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