The Cycle Teaser & How to sign up for the alpha

Written 22nd Jul 2018 by GameGator

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With Spec Ops: The Line, the developer studio Yager has already landed a hit in the shooter genre. While the game was considered a successful first-person shooter, especially in its narrative aspects, the developers now want to go one step further, with The Cycle.

Berlin-based developer studio Yager has posted a teaser trailer for their latest project The Cycle, a match-based first-person shooter. The elements PvE (players vs. environment aka KI) and PvP (players vs. players) are to merge with the game being released later this year.

The trailer swings through an exotic, colourful jungle environment full of strange-looking creatures. It ends with a man standing next to a shuttle watching over the land in the distance. In the game, players will fulfil contracts on a foreign planet called Fortuna III, each lasting about twenty minutes. Staying on the planet longer is meant to be harmful to your health.

The world of The Cycle

The PvEvP system will also probably have a strong focus on social dynamics. 20 players are thrown into one game - together with rows of alien monsters that must also be fought. The fact that you have to fight both enemy players and monsters should give the game a special twist, according to managing director Timo Ullmann.

The weapons of The Cycle

The world of The Cycle

The entire game is located in a large galaxy, whose individual regions are controlled by factions. The outside areas, on the other hand, are free and are not dominated by anyone. In order to tap the resources there, contractual partners are needed to take on the dirty work. Each player is one of these contractors and will therefore receive orders from the individual factions. This may include collecting minerals or hunting wild animals.

In addition to access to this new world, players can create new equipment, buy new weapons from the black market, or customize their characters to their liking. To complete the necessary tasks, players can also meet and forge alliances.

The Cycle Fortuna

Alpha Signup

The cycle is currently being developed for PC and will enter alpha stages in August. Interested players can register for this closed test on the official website. Console versions are to follow after the PC release.

When it comes to finding the cheapest price for the game, we will make sure to take on that part. As soon as the game becomes available, we will update our price comparison right here.