Biomutant: Jump, Fight, Mutate

Written 23rd Aug 2018 by GameGator

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Biomutant is a mythical, post-apocalyptic Kung Gu RPG set in an open world with a unique martial arts combat system that allows players to combine melee combat, shooting and mutation actions.

While animals have mutated into talking and fighting mythical creatures, the hero of the game is a ninja racoon look-alike with firearms and pronounced close combat skills. The fighting system is based on the fast but sophisticated battles of the Batman-Arkham series and Devil May Cry.

The world at your feet

In Biomutant, you'll do just about three things: jump, fight and mutate. In terms of story, Biomutant is once again revolving around the end of the world. A plague is destroying the land and the world tree is slowly but surely dying.

At its core, Biomutant is a real role-playing game. The character can learn new skills, level up his powers and improve his weapons with crafting. It is even possible, to build a mech with which you can get an extra portion of armour in tricky situations, like boss fights.

The game takes place in an Open World with a lot of backtracking and secrets, which can only be solved from a certain point in the course of the game.

This means, that the entire game world of Biomutant is freely accessible from the very beginning. However, the advance must be planned carefully. For example, it is not advisable to walk through the poisonous swamps without a gas mask, or to try explore a lava lake without protection against the heat. Certain doors can also only be opened, when the hero's power fist has been levelled up strongly enough to clear the way.

The Open World of Biomutant is freely accessible.

Character customization

Even if you don't know much about Biomutant yet, you probably know its distinctive looking racoon-like main character. However, the hero will not always look like this.

Depending on how you distribute your character points, the hero's appearance also changes. If you invest points into intelligence, the little guy's head can grow up to the size of a medicine ball, while points in strength give him more muscles than any bodybuilder. You will also want to distribute some points into the vitality stats, or otherwise, your character will gain a beer belly.


The opponents in the game are crazy animals, which can hardly be surpassed in ingenuity. One of said enemies carries a rocket on his back, which is trigger when fired upon. One of the bosses is a cute mole - at least until he opens his greedy mouth, which is prepped with fangs. To defeat him, the player has to catch his ten meters long tongue, with which you can hurl him across the arena like a lasso and let yourself get swallowed to attack his heart.

The beautifully crafted world offers a lot to explore.

Oil puddles

When you find an oil puddle, you can wrap yourself in a huge bubble to overcome and float over big chasms. Furthermore, when enemies touch the bubble, they get caught in it and are forced to roll around with you. When touching fire, the oil of the bubble ignites, causing even more devastating damage.

While all of this already sounds like a wagonload of fun, THQ Nordic unfortunately also had some sad news for us at the Gamescom 2018.

Originally the action RPG was supposed to be released in 2018, which has now been postponed. While the game, in its current state, is already playing incredibly fluid and fast, Biomutant will only be released in 2019.

The game will make an appearance on PC, PS4 & Xbox One and you can find Biomutant cheap for PC in our price comparison.