Discord: Chat app launches game store

Written 10th Aug 2018 by GameGator

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The online chat service Discord enjoys a high reputation among gamers, with the platform specializing in the communication between players.

Via an app, it offers voice and text chats for a quick exchange while enjoying your games. Now, however, the company plans on expanding its field - and is threatening to take the throne of online retailer Steam.

Discord Game Store

As the operators of the service recently announced, Discord is launching its own game store, with the online shop currently in a closed beta test phase in Canada. The functionality of the offer is pretty much identical to that of other large providers such as Steam, Origin, and Uplay. Players are able to buy the offered titles directly inside the Discord app, with evaluations and recommendations from employees and players making the shopping experience particularly attractive.

Discord Game Store Recommendation

In the category "First on Discord", you can purchase games whose development was supported by Discord and which will, therefore, be offered exclusively on the in-house platform for three months.

Discord Nitro

Subscription service

Discord also plans on launching its own subscription service. This is intended to supplement the previous premium membership Nitro, which is already giving players all kinds of bonuses in the app. While the current price of 5$ per month is not meant to change, Discord does not provide details on the subscription service for the time being. It is certain, however, that subscribers will have free access to a selection of games.

Discord Game Launcher

Cross-platform library

Discord has a special trump card up its sleeve with the library page. If you allow the application to do so, it will display your complete cross-platform game collection - regardless of where you purchased your titles. This could make the Discord app the central point of contact for gamers.

When the Discord Store will officially be launched worldwide remains unclear for the time being, but we will make sure to keep you updated on our Blog. We would love to welcome Discord as a store in our price comparison tables!



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