Hitman 2: You will not only fight the cold in Siberia

Written 31st Jul 2019 by GameGator

Hitman 2: You will not only fight the cold in Siberia Thumbnail

Warner Bros. and IO Interactive have presented a new Siberia Sniper Assassin Map for the game Hitman 2, which can be downloaded if you own the game's extension pass. Hitman 2 is the successor to the internationally acclaimed Hitman and features new extremely detailed sandbox locations full of lifelike environments, giving players the freedom to plan the ultimate contract murder using tools, weapons disguises and a range of camouflage techniques. The latest map now opens a new chapter in Hitman's history with a mission called Crime and Punishment. This time, Agent 47 is sent to the prison facility Perm 14 in the icy Siberian tundra, one of the most inhospitable parts of the planet. You can either choose to take the role of Agent 47 or play as a co-op team in the online mode.

Hitman 2 Siberia Assassin
Show off your sniper skills in Siberia and go co-op with a fellow assassin.Image: IO Interactive

Two targets must be eliminated

On this new map, players must eliminate two targets and create a prison riot to cover their tracks. The two primary objectives of the mission are Roman Khabko, a well-known member of the Russian mafia with suspected political connections, and Vitaly Reznikov, guard of the privately-owned prison, who was bribed to ensure Khabko's early release. Roman Khabko had worked in New York in the late 80s before he made a name for himself and climbed the ranks of the Russian mafia. But when a drug deal turned out differently than expected, and four people died, Khabko had to flee to Russia, where he focused on politics. However, blackmailing the wrong diplomat, made him end up in prison. Now, he wants to break out again and has offered Reznikov 10 million US dollars to help him. Vitaly Reznikov, on the other hand, was an important member of the KGB and travelled through the Soviet Union, encountering neglected buildings that he soon turned into prisons.

To complete the mission, both targets must be eliminated - as well as Reznikov's mercenaries known as the Siberian Tigers. The new map is packed with opportunities and hidden secrets. It offers unique gameplay in which corpses can be hidden and entire buildings set on fire by deliberately causing a prison riot. Completing challenges within the mission will improve your abilities with the ICA Druzhina 34 sniper rifle, which is Agent 47's weapon of choice this time around. Furthermore, the Sniper Assassin mode provides players with a co-op experience, a feature never before seen in a Hitman game - two players can collaborate and complete challenges together online.

Hitman 2 Sniper DLC
You can only play the Sniper Assassin mode if you own the game's expansion pass.Image: IO Interactive

Is Hitman 2 worth it?

Admittedly, those who want to experience the story of Hitman 2 can do so in a matter of hours. However, the true pleasure of a Hitman level is based on its stealth gameplay and the repeated playthrough of a single location. Every attempt is sure to lead to a different approach, and the Signature Kills are great scripted sequences. They are part of a story mission, through which you experience parts of the story and its context. For a flawless run as a silent assassin, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the level structure and the movement sequences of NPC's. We have spent more than 100 hours playing through all of the six missions ourselves, without having killed our targets in every possible way. The next DLC location releases in autumn and will probably mark the end of the current story, with a Hitman successor already announced - Hitman 3.