Paint the world Red in Imperator: Rome

Written 7th Feb 2019 by GameGator

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In Imperator: Rome the Swedish strategy experts of Paradox Interactive let players take control of an empire in the time of the Roman Republic to strive for power over the Mediterranean. The new trailer not only reveals that the game will be released on April 25, 2019, but also sets the mood for the strategy giant - without real gameplay scenes sadly, only a few screenshots of Imperator: Rome are in existence.

Build the Roman Empire

In the global strategy game, players will not only have to deal with barbaric hordes on borders and intriguing neighbouring empires but will also have to keep order in their own country. After all, the population not only wants to be governed but also kept in a good mood. From the empires built by Alexander the Great in the East to the founding of the Roman Empire, players get a lot to choose from when they build an ancient empire. On the most detailed map of Paradox to date, which stretches from Europe to Great Britain and across the Horn of Africa to India and includes over 7,000 cities, players can take over the destiny of almost every faction and build their own empire.

Imperator: Rome Screenshot 1
Source: Paradox Interactive

Riots rise, generals rebel

If you don't want to control the Roman Empire, you can choose one of almost 400 other playable factions (kingdoms, tribes, republics) under much more difficult starting conditions. In this sense, it is rather a game mechanic-centred game. Developer Johan Andersson said that it was actually a matter of painting the world map red - a metaphor for spreading the colour of the Roman Empire or spilling the blood of enemies.

Furthermore, there will be characters with different abilities and qualities that will change over time. They will rule the provinces and command the armies as well as fleets or lead the clans. While the micromanagement of the people & characters is not at the top of the priority list, there will be possibilities to fine tune and satisfy the needs of the population groups in the empire individually. They can be well treated, meaningfully supported, or simply suppressed with a hard hand - the latter is symbolized by the tyranny bar. If the population is dissatisfied, however, riots can rise and generals rebel.

Imperator: Rome Screenshot 2
Source: Paradox Interactive

Speaking of population groups. Each type of population in the empire has its own culture, religion and function. The effectiveness of the population types depends on their satisfaction, which can be influenced, for example, by wine. Each population group produces something different. The citizens, for example, produce trade and research, while the Freeman provide the personnel basis for the armies. Slaves mainly pay, Tribesmen, on the other hand, produce food but pay less tax.

Why can you not see the battles in Imperator: Rome?

Playable Battles are sadly not a part of Imperator: Rome, which according to Johan Andersson will take some time for Paradox Development. The studio just does not have the resources and the experience to realize this game element, therefore focussing on the things they are good at - simulating global events and managing an empire. Players have to make politics and legislate, trade, use religion, build facilities/buildings in cities, explore technologies, plan diplomatic moves and determine military options. In multiplayer mode, there will again be a hotjoin function that allows players to directly enter running games.

Imperator: Rome Screenshot 3
Source: Paradox Interactive

Imperator: Rome is based on a revised version of the Clausewitz engine, with which the representation in the close-up view is to be improved. Compared to other titles from Paradox, Imperator: Rome makes for the chicest and most detailed impression in close-up graphics so far. In addition, the developers are said to make the menus as clear as possible and make respective information easily readable.

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