Metro: Exodus - Doubling the story length?

Written 4th Jul 2018 by GameGator

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According to John Bloch, Executive Producer of 4A Games, the new first-person shooter, Metro: Exodus will have quite a story to tell. The game apparently has twice as many script lines as Metro 2033, Last Light and all their DLCs combined. Players will also be able to meet more characters than ever before.

Staying true to the Metro feeling

In the third singleplayer shooter based on Dmitri Alexeyevich Gluchovski's novels, you, the player is taken through a larger, more open game world than it's predecessors. The developers want to focus on the story of Metro again, the profound characters and far-reaching dialogues the games are known for.

In Metro: Exodus we can prepare ourselves for lots of dialogue lines. The script should be twice as comprehensive as its predecessors Metro 2033 and Last Light. Of course, this fits right in place with the new Open World approach of the series.

Characters of Metro: Exodus

According to John Bloch, storytelling and well-written characters are still a core discipline of Metro games despite the open world. However, the narratives do not only return, but also reach new levels. One reason for the size of the new story script being the numerous characters who will join the journey of Artyom.

"The most important parts in telling a story are well-written characters and dialogues."

Besides well-known figures like Anna and Miller, you will find a lot of other NPC's around your mobile base - an armoured train. A multitude of the new characters will travel through post-apocalyptic Russia together with Artjom, making for many opportunities to get to know them in detail.

Metro: Exodus Monster

With the management of resources and player decisions that influence the course of action also being at the forefront of the title, it really sounds like 4A Games is taking the franchise a step further.

Exodus will be released on February 22, 2019, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.