Who will be your companions in Greedfall?

Written 1st Sep 2019 by GameGator

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Baroque architecture, muskets, and plate armour on the one hand, magical attacks and mythical creatures on the other: Meet Greedfall. Developed by Spiders, the fantasy RPG revolves around your character and his adventures on the mysterious island of Teer Fradee. In the role of an emissary and diplomat, you set out to explore the relatively unexplored environment and discover vast areas and various settlements. Instead of one single large world, the game will offer several areas that you can explore as you please. In battle, the title is reminiscent of games like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. While the main story will take about 30 hours to finish, you can invest up to 45 hours, including side quests.

According to the background story, settlers, mercenaries, and treasure hunters have fled from a continent of pollution and plague in search of a new world. As time goes by, more and more conflicts arise between the different factions. Fortunately, you won't have to handle the dangerous creatures and insidious humans on your own. Choose from five companions to bring along on your journey. Think carefully, however, as each has unique abilities to offer.

Greedfall 5 companions

Aphra, Kurt, Peter, Siora & Vasco are the five companions.

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Five companions, Five factions

Aphra is a talented scientist who belongs to the Bridge Alliance faction. She is in search of the cure for a disease called Malichor, which is causing countless deaths on her home continent. Specialising in long-distance combat, she carries not only alchemical weapons but also grenades.

Kurt is one of your earliest companions in the game. As a weapons specialist, he will teach you to fight and, therefore, feels like a big brother. The loyal melee expert is one of the mercenaries of the Queen Guard guild. He is the classic RPG warrior in the group, wielding two-handed weapons like swords and scythes. His character is harsh but always honest.

Peter is a heavily armoured missionary of the Thélème faction. The developers have described him as a master of words, as he is said to be extremely ambitious. The former diplomat is not only well versed in culture and politics but can further be used in battle both as a long-distance fighter and in the frontlines.

Siora has grown up in the blooming nature of Tar Fradees and is one of the natives of the island. She can master powerful elemental spells and fall back on her daggers in case of emergency. As a native, she is fervently committed to ensuring that the culture, rights, and traditions of her people are respected.

Vasco is a mysterious captain. He belongs to the seafaring Nauten faction and is an extremely skilful duelist - killing enemies with sword, or pistol and ensuring his mobility by a lack of armour.

Greedfall 5 creature

Pick two from the five companions available.

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Everyone has their own goals

The five companions belong to the different factions of the game and therefore react accordingly to the choices you make. If you ignore their needs for too long, they might leave you. If you choose to help them, however, they can become loyal allies and even lovers. Relationships work a lot like what we are used to from BioWare games like Mass Effect. The player can influence the events on the island by his decisions and actions. It is possible to support radical conquerors, religious fanatics, or peaceful locals. The weapons, of course, correspond to the fictitious time: swords, aces, pistols, and rifles, combined with the magic of the great guardian creatures.