World War 3: Gamescom gameplay trailer

Written 20th Aug 2018 by GameGator

World War 3: Gamescom gameplay trailer Thumbnail

In the run-up to tomorrow's Gamescom 2018, The Farm 51 has unveiled the first gameplay material for the upcoming first-person shooter World War 3. This way, you can already see firefights on a large scale, originating from its Warzone mode. The new material shown is from a pre-alpha build, so neither the graphics nor the gameplay in this form are final.

Real locations, 64 players

With World War 3 you get a military shooter for 64 players, which is set in a modern setting. You can experience battlegrounds based on real locations like Berlin, Warsaw and many more. Furthermore, in addition to the Warzone mode, you can also play a Recon mode, which instructs small patrols to rescue important targets in enemy territory.

World War 3 has not yet received an official release date. However, the developers have already confirmed that the shooter will be developed exclusively for the PC for the time being and will start into Steam Early Access in autumn.

As soon as prices for the game get announced, we will make sure to update our World War 3 price comparison.