Will Borderlands 3 live up to its past?

Written 20th Aug 2019 by GameGator

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New heroes, new locations and improved gameplay - these are the big topics surrounding the hotly anticipated blockbuster title Borderlands 3. Some PC players, however, are boiling with rage, as the home computer version of the game will exclusively appear in the Epic Games Store. Publisher 2K Games will only be distributing the game via Steam from April 2020 onwards. As with other exclusive titles for the Epic Games Store, angry players hence started review bombing the game to vent their anger. In the case of Borderlands 3, players gave the franchise, including Borderlands 2, thousands of negative ratings. The Epic Games Store is furthermore not yet technically able to offer advanced downloading for the title. Although the so-called preload functionality has been implemented in the online store since May 2019, the matter is more complicated in the case of Borderlands 3. The current version is only equipped for small games, not for blockbuster titles. Borderlands 3 thus goes beyond the limits of the system.

This setback further upset the waiting fan community, as the exclusive deal with the Epic Games Stores already angered many players looking forward to purchasing the game via the competitor platform Steam. At least, we probably won't experience server bottlenecks. The operator's data centres have proved to be able to supply more than 10 million users simultaneously at times of significant Fortnite events.

Borderlands 3 Boss

Bossfights do not come short.

Image: 2K Games

What's new in Borderlands 3?

The most noteworthy innovations in the Borderlands 3 game world are easy to be seen. While the predecessors of the post-apocalyptic game were more likely to lead you into desolate environments, Borderlands 3 opens up space, literally. The spaceship Sanctuary III is a flying level hub that looks similar to the base in Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus in terms of concept and design. Right here, you will meet numerous busy and chat-friendly NPCs and gamble your life away at Moxxi's famous bar. Arms dealer Marcus Kincaid has additionally established himself, allowing you to buy weapons and ammunition as well as upgrades for your inventory and ammunition capacities. The reclusive Eridium dealer, Crazy Earl, has also settled down in the corner of the hangar deck. Instead of upgrades, he now sells rare and cosmetic items. In the stern of the ship, you can find crew quarters, of which you can take on for your use. As the game progresses, the room will be customizable. You can, for example, hang up weapons you have grown fond of on the wall. More importantly, however, you can use a kind of star map to navigate to specific planets, jet there via hyperdrive and travel to the surface via a pod.

No matter your character, the adventure of Borderlands 3 starts on Pandora, where Claptrap takes us under his wings. The futuristic sci-fi city Promethea is full of abandoned streets, gigantic arches, and giant skyscrapers. The story begins about five years after the events of Borderlands 2. As a fresh recruit, you join Lilith and the Crimson Raiders, who have to deal with a powerful new enemy. The mysterious power-hungry psychopath couple Troy and Tyrene Calypso have united all the bandit gangs on the planet into a new cult called Children of the Vault. The two crazy ones strive to seize power over the vaults and are the primary antagonists of Borderlands 3. First, you need to acquire a map of the Vaults that Lilith and her crew lost to a bandit attack. After the first quite linear steps, including a mini-boss, the game opens as fast as usual. Even one of the primary areas, called The Droughts, clearly establishes the substantially larger setting of the game. Everything is considerably bigger.

Fl4k Borderlands 3 character

Fl4k has the ability to handle beasts.

Image: 2K Games

Well-known fights

Players can easily modify rideable vehicles at catch-a-ride stations. Changes to the armour, wheels, and modifications directly influence the driving and fighting characteristics of your ride. The new Cyclone vehicle looks like a rolling Ferris wheel and allows players to quickly cover distances and blast away enemies from a safe distance.

You can find several side quests at a myriad of places. On the one hand, this is helpful to collect valuable experience points, and on the other hand, often offers the wackiest experiences. Claptrap, for once, asks us to find a replacement for its lost antenna. Correspondingly, we meet a seemingly peaceful psycho, who wants to protect himself from thought-controlling signals with an aluminium foil hat. In another quest, we are supposed to find stolen underpants for one of our allies. The story then takes us to the planet Eden-6, which looks very different compared to the cityscape of Promethea and the wastelands of Pandora. It features vast jungles and wet marshes, with exotic fauna, ape-like Jabbers, and dinosaur-like creatures.

Borderlands 3 Monster on Eden-6

Meet dinosaur-like creatures in the swamps of Eden-6.

Image: 2K Games

Refreshed co-op

Most of the time, you will find yourself on foot and in well-known arena fights. Between humorous quests, you will also encounter many old acquaintances, like the katana-wielding Zer0. Fast battles leave you with plenty of tactical room to manoeuvre and use your many new skills and weapons. As always, the fights are fast and deliberately chaotic, while the numerous new enemy types try to make your life as difficult as possible. The heavy opponent classes come in many different shapes and colours and can take a lot of damage while countering you with elemental attacks. If you do not make it, you can be resurrected by a co-op partner or NPC. Speaking of co-op: Gearbox has improved its balance. If you play with a friend, the randomly generated loot adapts to you and your friend's level.

In general, the developers have tried to make the life of players more pleasant. You won't have to search for the next fast travel point anymore, as you can now fast journey to one of the teleport stations from any location on the map. You can also directly teleport into the cockpit of your vehicle. One detail that adds a lot to the atmosphere is the fact that your hero is now talking. In Borderlands 3, player characters actively participate in conversations with NPCs. The many improvements fit harmoniously into the familiar Borderlands gameplay without changing its familiar feel too much. If you expect Borderlands, you get precisely that.

Borderlands 3 Amara

Make us of Amara's astral arms.

Image: 2K Games

How many Borderlands 3 editions are there?

Players can choose from four different editions, including a Deluxe and Super Deluxe edition. Both include numerous digital bonuses, while the Super Deluxe edition also ships with a Season Pass and 4 DLCs. Last but not least, 2K Games is also launching a collector's edition called Diamond Loot Chest. It includes ten collectable figures, a ship model and a real Diamond Loot box, lithographs, key rings, a cloth card, and various digital bonuses, as well as the Season Pass.

Besides the new offshoot, Gearbox has also announced the release of a 4k remaster of the first part for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, shipping with new features like a fade-in mini-map and 4-player split-screen. The so-called game of the Year edition, furthermore, includes enhanced graphics, an integrated character editor, new content, fresh weapons, and four add-ons. If you own the original Borderlands on PC, you can download the latest version for free. The now available Ultra HD Texture Pack for PS4 and Xbox One is also available free of charge. Borderlands 3 releases September 13, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.